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About Red Boots

Red Boots Design is an independent, custom screen-printing company in Bellingham, Washington. Red Boots helps locally owned businesses expand their reach with marketing apparel their customers are happy to wear and give.

Founded in 2004 by Erin Boyd, Red Boots is everybody’s favorite source for high quality, practical, made-in-the-US-of-A goods that make your body and your home look distinctive and feel comfy.

The Red Boots Story

Like many independents, Red Boots Design began humbly, in a chilly and dark screen-printing shop owned by a friend Erin met while working in an organic food store. She was soon bartering her screen-printing abilities for shop time to create her own designs, which she sold at the local farmers market. Not long after, Erin arranged a screen-printing setup and a new home for Red Boots in a bright and airy artist’s loft above a popular local caterer.

Many local, independent businesses embraced her business and signed on to have their tees, hoodies and hats printed by Red Boots. Five years later, Erin purchased a commercial building in the lovely Sunnyland neighborhood of Bellingham, with neighbors like Home Skillet restaurant, Hammerhead Coffee Roasters and Velveeta Jones, a large, friendly and colorful 3-D chicken sculpture.

Each morning, Erin walks to her shop, grabs her coffee mug and heads around the corner to fill it up at Home Skillet. Everyone there gets a high-five and a fun story before she heads back to her shop and gets to work. Screen-printing shirts, ordering inventory, communicating with customers, cleaning the equipment and taking care of business fills the rest of her day.

Fueled by strong, locally roasted coffee, and maybe a whisky when the workday’s through, Erin gets it all done—all on her own. She feels the most amazing when she sees a big stack of customer shirts printed and ready to go out the door.

Who works with Red Boots?

Home-grown breweries and bakeries, local food purveyors and the beloved Farmers Market. Independent bookstores, theaters and a circus! Folks who work hard, play harder and love their community—just like Red Boots!

About Erin Boyd

Erin Boyd is a Pacific Northwesterner with a Nova Scotia heart. Growing up on that wild peninsula gave her an independent spirit and totally Canadian (i.e., laid back, friendly and unstoppable) approach to life and business.

Erin is an avid lover of books, art, photography, food, design, bicycles and Athens, Georgia. Playing outside. Independent businesses. Working for herself.

She is drawn to keeping a higher standard and honoring the way things used to be made: thoughtfully and intentionally. She holds onto processes and things that are in danger of going away forever. To that end, she collects vintage art, furniture, objects and antiques. She grows, cans and preserves food. Sews clothes. Uses Holga cameras. Fries chicken. And hooks rugs.

Every day, Erin applies her singular approach to creating for her customers the high-quality goods that make people happy. She does it thoughtfully, and by hand.