The Big Dream

There are lots of dreams all the time. So many of mine have come true over the last 10 years since leaving my wild Nova Scotia and coming to the green PNW. I think, even the possibility of  making Red Boots happen was a dream I didn't even know I had. It has been amazing. [...]

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Holiday Prep!

With two big shows Etsy Rain Handmade Holiday Show and Urban Craft Uprising both coming up over the next couple of weekends there is lots to do! A newish product for Red Boots has been painted, printed plywood. With a mounted cast bottle opener attached they have been really popular and are fun to make, [...]

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Lettered Streets Coffee House

Last week I made some great shirts for a lovely local coffee shop the Lettered Streets Coffee House. I love the jumbled letters on the back and the sweet tree logo on the shirt fronts! They are celebrating their 5 year anniversary this week and everyone was excited by the new stuff! Ink on the [...]

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